Making some progress at Progress Campus

Part of the pre-placement requirements for the program I am taking up at Centennial College is the First Aid-CPR Training for Healthcare Providers.  This 2-day course is being offered by many centres in Toronto but I chose to have it with Centennial.  I love Centennial!  I signed up for the course last minute and was still able to get a slot.  Lucky me! This is a weekend course held at Progress Campus. Click here for the list of part-time courses at Centennial.  It was an intense weekend!  I have never felt so tired for a very long time after the first day.  At some point, my legs felt like jello (probably because I chose to walk home, about a mile and a half that day too) but it was all worth it!  NO PAIN, NO GAIN.  My last CPR and first aid training was 8 years ago and so this was basically as exciting as the first one.  Plus, this time it’s in Canada!  The other thing is that I feel oddly euphoric just by merely looking, staring at buildings that interest me.  I have always been fascinated with the lines and connections I see on buildings.  So, going back to school since the start of summer break and visiting this other campus of Centennial was definitely a sweet treat, an eye candy to this young boy who knows and loves his stuff.  Check out these photos I took at Progress.


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